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Phone Number Util pnu = Phone Number Instance(); println(pnu.parse("001 - 423 - 880 - 5123", "CA")String()); What is the expected output? I get: Country Code: 1 National Number: 14238805123 Leading Zero: true Shouldn't it be? If you have something like country = "CH", or any other country where "00" is the international dialling prefix, then we would parse this correctly.

Country Code: 1 National Number: 4238805123 What version of the product are you using? With "CA" chosen, we have no idea what the "00" is supposed to mean.

So is there any chance to add functionality in order to try to guess that?

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as in if someone receives his SSN for the first time, meaning everyone 4 years old and younger will have this new one and immigrants, residents or temp. everyone who moved to or was born before 2011 has the old format.

This visualization communicates 20 days of work before a deadline.

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