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Gold (or yellow) plaque postcards obtained through the National Baseball Hall of Fame Gift Shop, Cooperstown, NY will always be a popular collectible among hobbyists.

Several additional postcard collections and archives have been added to the Teich Archives Collection over the past 35 years, including the Detroit Publishing Company Collection, the Dexter Press Records, the John High Collection, the V. Reference staff may be able to help determine whether either specific postcards or categories of interest are available in the CTPAC.It is dedicated to historians, fellow collectors, residents of Williamsburg, and anyone who may be interested in visiting this wonderful city. Besides postcards, you can find other vintage images of Williamsburg here, all scanned from photographs, books, and other publications. You can browse through cards by topic or by publisher/printer. Please include the specific collections, items, or topics you wish to research in your message.Much of the contents of these guidelines were excerpted with permission from the Beginners Guide to the Hobby of Postcard Collecting, The Capital of Texas Postcard Club.

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