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After finding a stalemate with Kakuzu, Itachi broke up the fight and it was explained to Hidan the benefits of joining Akatsuki. In the anime, Hidan and Kakuzu met with Sasori and Deidara to discuss their new missions assigned by Akatsuki.

After Kakuzu said they had a choice between a money-making mission and a war-mission, he chose the money mission after Sasori and Deidara showed no interest in it, much to Hidan's annoyance.

Stessa cosa se volete scendere al piano di sotto (Freccia direzionale bassa e X).

As Zabuza Momochi and Obito demonstrated, the shuriken can be used in melee combat by spinning the blade in one's hand to slash and stab the opponent directly.

In Sasuke Uchiha's battle with Itachi Uchiha, he has shown the ability to rig the four blades to disconnect via pulling a connected wire and have them fire at ninety degrees to one another as a surprise attack, as well as imbuing it with lightning to increase its cutting power.

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Shinobi è un ninja che dovrà combattere da solo contro un'organizzazione di terroristi e liberare i figli del clan di Oboro rapiti da questi criminali.

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