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Since the Britney video, you’ve carried on with a large presence on social media.Where did the recent interest over your physical appearance come from, do you think? I've spent the past couple of years building my comedy and video blogging career.My appearance is the last thing my audience watches me for.I'm usually looking a mess talking about real life topics, not being attractive in the least.Often known for his unrealistic looks, Star is often mistaken for a girl, which pretty much illustrates his trans style, and often gender confusing makeups.Apart from his TV appearances, he has also toured around many countries with his musical group and has started his own business online at

He appeared on "Maury" and starred in Weezer's music video for the song "Pork and Beans" and pitched Sierra Mist soda. Fans continue to support him and haters continue to hate.

Nine years later, Crocker is once again at the centre of a media storm after pictures of what the entertainer looks like now were picked up by various news outlets, which commented on their change of appearance.

On Tuesday Crocker posted a video on Facebook addressing the recent resurgence of interest and responded to headlines that “Chris Crocker got hot”, making an important point about society's scrutiny over appearance.

] In 2007 three little words -- "Leave Britney Alone!

" -- arguably changed the course of popular culture.

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