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“I’m not sure we can logistically pull it off.” fans have been praying for a reunion for 11 years but cast members have remained vague on whether it will ever happen.Kudrow, who played Phoebe, expressed an interest in “seeing what those people are doing 10 years later as parents that have to be responsible” before adding that it would “be so different that it wouldn’t be Still, there’s a strong chance the group will all want to play a part in honouring Burrows so our fingers are remaining firmly crossed, and given the palpable demand for new actual Friends content, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some kind of skit/brief new scene shot as part of the special.To support herself, Rachel becomes a waitress at Central Perk, a fictitious Manhattan coffeehouse where the group often hangs out; when not there, the six are usually at Monica and Rachel's nearby West Village apartment, or Joey and Chandler's across the hall.Episodes typically depict the friends' comedic and romantic adventures and career issues, such as Joey auditioning for roles or Rachel seeking jobs in the fashion industry.From that day on Saul kept David with him and wouldn't let him return home.

The picture went viral, leading many fans to believe that it was real.

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Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross will meet up once again for a tribute to director James Burrows on US network NBC.

The news was announced at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena on Wednesday, with the programme scheduled to air on Sunday 21 February.

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