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Miss Suu Kyi's NLD boycotted the poll, and though the military regime handed control to the civilian government in March, few believed it is anything more than a rubber stamp for the will of the generals and their cronies.The 48-year-old Malaysian actress who filmed the work with French director Luc Besson in neighbouring Thailand, said she hoped the piece would raise awareness about Ms Suu Kyi, 66.The film details their separation after Ms Suu Kyi was first detained in 1989.

He said that they had spent many happy days together and did not rule out the possibility of marriage.And as Deadline previously reported, Yeoh will play Captain Georgiou, the Starfleet Captain aboard the Starship Shenzhou.The series does not yet have the lead, but is getting close to casting her., the latest installment in the space-travel franchise.The sci-fi series is scheduled to premiere on the CBS Television Network in May, with subsequent episodes debuting via its on-demand and streaming service CBS All Access. Saru, a Starfleet science officer and a new alien species to the universe, while Yeoh will portray Captain Georgiou, the Starfleet captain aboard the Starship Shenzhou, and Rapp has been cast as Lt.

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  1. However, since the 60s, there have been enough movies that explore the race card that we can mention. After a white guy finds out he can’t get into Harvard he decides to reapply as a black man.