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Since July 1847, there were several events that affected the Mormons, that either prevented the celebrations or added to the celebrations.

The first official Pioneer Day celebration wasn’t until July 24, 1857, and that event was interrupted by Johnson’s Army and wasn’t celebrated again until after 1862.

The holiday commemorates the expedition and entry that was led by Brigham Young after the eviction of the Mormon saints from Nauvoo, Illinois.

After the murder of their religious founder, Joseph Smith in June, 1844, the Mormons were seeking an isolated place to practice their religion and be free from religious persecution.

While holidays are the some of the happiest occasions throughout the year, it is also a time that can very hard for singles.The pioneers faced tragic and unimaginable experiences along the trek, and despite this, there were 2,000 Mormon settlers by the end of 1847.Utahans celebrate this holiday to remember Brigham Young, the pioneers, their strength of character, the endurance and trials they faced, and the obstacles that are faced to have freedom of religion.For the parades, some people may wear costumes that resemble clothes worn during the 19th century when Salt Lake Valley was founded.Pioneer Day is also celebrated in many parts of Idaho, where it is commonly known as Celebration Day. Pioneer Day is a state holiday in Utah so county offices (except emergency services), educational institutions, and many businesses are closed.

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