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A tipster reportedly told Hogan that he believed shots were fired from the address where the party was located.

Officers entered the backyard of the home, where 15 to 20 people were gathered, according to the lawsuit.

Despite claims they did not speak for 17 years, Hogan, 77, and Noelene, 76, are reportedly on good terms again in the face of a health scare in the family.

According to New Idea, one of the couple's sons is believed to have suffered a stroke, and Hogan is offering 'financial and emotional parenting support'.

On the set of Crocodile Dundee Hogan met and fell in love with his much younger co-star Linda Kozlowski.

The pair wed in 1990, and they also share five children.

The fact that Bollea won was a blow for journalists.

Not only did he bankrupt Gawker and Denton, but the case also did something unheard of: it targeted the reporter who published the story.

Meanwhile, the US now has a President who has waged war on the media, calling reporters – even those who write factual accounts of events, such as his inauguration crowd numbers – dishonest.The people there also reported that they had heard gunshots, but stated that no one at the party had fired any weapon.Normally such a case would be fairly easy for a news company to win, because Hulk Hogan is not only a public figure – meaning he'd have to prove that Gawker had malicious intent – but one who had discussed his sexual prowess, opening up the door for a sex tape to be newsworthy. His attorneys argued that the sex tape didn’t violate the privacy of Hulk Hogan, but it did infringe on the rights of Bollea – the private man behind the brash character.A man was pepper-sprayed and broke his ankle during his contact with Tukwila police at a party.The other allegations outlined in the April 16 lawsuit include racially charged comments by a police officer, false arrest, improper medical care of an injured arrest suspect and lack of proper training of police officers.

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