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Then they stayed in the exam room either alone or with a partner and did something to get sexually aroused — but they didn't orgasm.Once the participants were sufficiently turned on, they invited the researchers back into the room for another ultrasound, where the researchers saw that the ladies' bladders had filled back up a little bit (which makes sense — some time had gone by).And changing that angle between the bladder and the urethra in that way can make it easier to pee. Most people think the two terms are interchangeable, but the researchers think they’re actually two different responses.Canadian LGBT media group Pink Triangle Press has acquired gay social network Guy Spy.“The app gives users the ability to connect faster and browse through a huge array of profiles of guys seeking to meet, date and connect.

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Maybe you saw it in porn, maybe you're a squirter or your partner is, or maybe you just really want to know what it is or what it feels like. A recent study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine studied seven self-identified squirters to find out what’s actually going on down there.

(Obviously, a larger sample size would be ideal, but come on — it’s probably not easy to round up a ton of people who squirt and who agree to do it for science.) HERE'S WHAT THEY FOUND: Here's how the researchers came to this conclusion: At the beginning of the study, all the women emptied their bladders and gave a urine sample, then underwent an ultrasound to confirm that their bladders were totally empty.

Madeleine Castellanos, author of Wanting to Want, tells Buzz Feed Life.

When you apply pressure to these areas, it can push the urethra and all that erectile tissue around it forward a little bit.

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David Walberg, who becomes the executive director of Pink Triangle Press on 3rd April, said: “We are very excited to add Guy Spy to our family of notable properties engaging the gay community.

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